New Website

We are moving our webpage, very soon there will be no content on this site. We give a big thanks to John Sutton at Creative Blogs for all he has done via his company for us in relation to our blog.

Our new webpage can be found here.

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year 2 super stars

1. Our first star is Tabby’s writing has improved so much that you can’t even tell she wrote it!

2. Our second star is Thomas because for fantastic writing about Leonardo Da Vinci

well done the both of you


from year 2


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Receptions Amazing Superstars

This weeks terrific people are:

Sylvia and Anna for being little stars and always super sensible in class and around school.

From the lovely reception team. 😛

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Year 3 super stars

This weeks super stars!

Tyreese for doing brilliant maths work and writing neatly in his book!

Zak for doing amazing maths work in his book!

From the Year 3 team!! 🙂

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Year 1 super stars

This weeks amazing writers:

Archie, for writing independently and working hard in class.

Ivor, for writing indipendently and meeting all his targets.

Eva,for writing indipendently and getting all her letters on the line.

Melissa, for writing all by her self and reaching her targets.

From the Year 1 team 😀

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Year 4 Super Celebrations

This weeks incredible pupils.

Alfie for doing amazing work in his reading comphrehension and understanding what he was reading.

Jess for always doing the right thing and helping out in class.

From the the year four team 🙂

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Year Two Super stars!

This weeks amazing workers are:

Lily for trying really hard all the time in class.

Shannon for trying hard in all her lessons and paying attention in class!

From Year Two!!! 🙂

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Year five Superstars

This weeks super stars:

Hannah A for being very good and nice in class.

Megan Sh for being a great team member in class.

From theYear five team 🙂

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Year 6 Superstars

 This week we have choosen :

Bethan was for being a super star and a grown up member in class, always helping and being kind.

Harry was  for working hard in maths and literacy and being kind to others.

From the Year 6 team!!! 🙂

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Year Six Superstars

This weeks superstars!

Robin was picked this week for being especially good in her learning and being kind and helpful all the time.

Joe was chosen for being a good learner in class and helping others and trying especially hard in his work. 

From all the Year 6 team!!! 🙂

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